Getting the RIGHT fit

1. Decide where you would like to wear your bracelet

We recommend wearing your bracelet just below your wrist bone and not too tight.

2. Measure your wrist

Measure your wrist just below the wrist bone, or where you would like to wear your bracelet, with a measuring tape or a strip of paper/string.

When using a strip of paper or string, mark down your size then use a ruler to measure the length. That would be your wrist size.

3. Select according to your wrist size

Order the size that is closest to your wrist measurement.

4. Dos

  1. Do measure your wrist snugly without allowance.
  2. Do leave us a note at check out if:
    • you are in between sizes & tell us your exact wrist size.
    • you would prefer a tighter or looser fit.

5. Dont’s

  1. Do not include additional space allowance when selecting your wrist size.
  2. Do not size up or size down according to your fit preference (you can leave us a note at check out on your fit preference).

6. Fit Guide

  1. All bracelets are customised upon order.
  2. All bracelets will be customised with a small allowance for comfort fit (e.g. if you order a 15cm wrist size bracelet, your bracelet will be slightly bigger than 15cm).
  3. Different bracelets will fit slightly differently even if you have ordered the same size (this could be due to the difference in designs and/or bead size used).

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