Petite Black Tourmaline + Smoky Quartz + Citrine

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Black Tourmaline for Protection & Happiness

Smoky Quartz for Grounding & Uplifting

Citrine for Happiness & Wealth

Seraphinite for Awareness & Self-Healing

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Black Tourmaline for Protection & Happiness

Tourmaline is a protecting stone that evokes a genuine vibration of happiness, this main quality is enhanced by the specific colour, black for protection, yellow for self-esteem, pink for love, blue for serenity &  green for health.

Smoky Quartz for Grounding & Uplifting

Smoky Quartz is a grounding and centering stone. It protects and dissolves negativity on all levels. Smoky Quartz will lift your mood, relieve stress and alleviate fear.

Citrine for Happiness & Wealth

Citrine is also known as the “stone of wealth”. It is a gemstone of happiness and abundance. Citrine brings positive energy to help you to manifest to create wealth and success.

Seraphinite for Awareness & Self-Healing

Seraphinite is a stone of enlightenment that encourages higher level of awareness and self-healing. It promotes living from the heart and has a gentle cleansing effect on the heart chakra, opening to love.

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