Stackable | Stretch Aquamarine + Sodalite (Mulitgem)

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Aquamarine for Courage & Communications

Sodalite for Creativity & Intuition

Labradorite for Protection & Strength

White Jade for Calming & Clarity

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Aquamarine for Courage & Communications

Aquamarine is a powerful gemstone to heighten courage and inner strength. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Wearing Aquamarine jewelry brings a soothing and calming energy that helps to create overall calmness and balance in your life.

An aquamarine bracelet can be worn for good health, luck and love. It also helps enhance the aura and promote verbal expression. Encouraging clarity of thought and intellectual growth, aquamarine bracelet makes the perfect pieces for learning, stimulating the mind and promoting logic and reasoning.

Sodalite for Creativity & Intuition

Sodalite is a gemstone of insight, harmony and intuition. It enhances creativity and facilitates self-discipline, efficiency, organization and structure within your life.

Sodalite encourages you to be true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs, encouraging self-expression. It strengthens confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, helping you to trust your own judgment and not question your decisions in everyday life.

Labradorite for Protection & Strength

Labradorite is a mystical and protective stone. When it catches light, flashes of iridescent colour appears. It is believed to bring light and raise consciousness.

Labradorite deflects unwanted energies and forms a barrier to negative energies. It imparts strength & perseverance and banishes fears & insecurities.

Labradorite is also believed to calm an overactive mind and energises imagination.

White Jade for Calming & Clarity

White Jade is calming and grounding it is said to encourage focus and increase concentration. It is believed to improve one’s bond with their set intentions and aids in filtering out unwanted distractions (which makes it useful for children).

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